Harold KING Calderon Round 2

Latino Athlete
Published on 05 Nov 2018 / In Boxing

DreamBIG HipHop has it a nerve with this young, passionate, dedicated, strong-willed boxer. Undefeated, Welterweight Professional Boxer, Harold KING Calderon has returned to promote his next battle. New Champion Promotions presents: REDEMPTION IN MIAMI. Calderon is now 17-0 and will box anyone who dares to step in between his path to 18 straight victories. Location this time will be at Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition, Inc. We pick up from right where we left off in Episode 1. What has the young KING been up to and how is he preparing for this next fight of his life. Tune in and witness greatness as he weighs in on his next opponent, next move in his career and next victory.

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